Eating the Flock – Carnegie Deli, Mirage Hotel & Casino

Whenever we go to Vegas, we always have the trouble of deciding where to stay. Beverly enjoys the Wynn, whereas Charlotte and I prefer the Bellagio. The problem with staying at the Bellagio is that you can’t stay where you play, and the problem with staying at the Wynn is that the Wynn is almost at the end of the strip. We meet in the middle and end up at the Mirage. Despite their terrible beds and terrible service (don’t even get me started on their housekeeping staff!), they have one of the few lounges serving lychee martinis (gotta love Rhumbar Patio), their pool is awesome, and they are home to the 24 hr Carnegie Deli.

Walking straight from the desert sands of fabulous Las Vegas, we step right in to a gritty local New York City joint. From the service to the food, everything and everyone tells it like it is: a simple deli serving simple sandwiches with lots of attitude. Let this be known, that this is not a place for vegetarians to roam, I think they go through an entire herd of cows and pigs a day.

There is a $3.00 share charge for people dining in, but since we were staying there and wanted daiquiris and margaritas, we decided to go for some in-room dining. It would have been nice if we could sit poolside, but that would have been a little embarrassing to rip into this ginormous sandwich in front of all the beautiful half naked people.

Though they are famous for their own cured pastrami, we wanted to go for something light with veggies and opted for the Club Dear: a flock of turkeys, half a head of lettuce, an entire tomato, and what felt like 5 pounds of bacon.

Club Dear - $23.99 (plus $3.00 share for dine in)

The sandwich is a part of their “Gargantuan” menu and was dismantled and split between the 3 of us for an afternoon snack since we had to save room for Bouchon that night. We definitely could have used more help.

I don’t have the pictures because I was lazy, but Charlotte and I have enjoyed their “world famous” (who doesn’t claim to be world famous?) cheesecake topped with strawberries on a random night after the tables and slots and I remember it to be super thick, super dense, super creamy, and (like with everything else on the menu) super big. We couldn’t finish it being that it was 4 am, but it sure was tasty as we rolled back to our rooms.

I have yet to try the one in New York City, but if it’s anything like the one in Las Vegas, then I’ll have to starve  myself for a few days before I hit up the joint in Mid Town

Carnegie Deli (Mirage) on Urbanspoon


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