Melty Goodness down South – Lucille’s BBQ Smoke House

For some odd reason, we always end up going to Lucilles BBQ Smoke House right after the ginormous lunch from Bonito Michoacan. Perhaps we have subconscious gorging tendencies and just bottle it all up until we visit Philip and Vivian? Nevertheless, Lucilles was next up on our eating schedule.

This is another type of restaurant that we barely see in Vancouver. Other than Memphis Blues and Peckinpah, there really is no southern style bbQ joint – and these places aren’t even that good…

The vibe of Lucilles is old school diner. The walls are plastered with posters and it is always noisy with laughter each time we go. This time, we went on a Friday night so there was live music playing in the bar area.

Even before we arrived in Vegas, we had a battle plan for this place. Every time, we order the Backyard Family Feast- which is supposed to feed 4 but really feeds at least 8 – and Philip always ends up taking the chicken and some side dishes home. This time, we decided to order individual sized items so that we aren’t left with a mountain of fries (*ahem* Chad-O), a pot of beans, and the chickens.

Warm Biscuits w/ Apple Butter

It’s not southern if you don’t have biscuits! These butter biscuits come out piping hot with a side of apple butter. The inside is super flaky and moist and there is a slight crispy crunch from the sugar sprinkles on top. The apple butter isn’t too sweet and simply melts in your mouth. I limited myself to 1.5 while Philip insisted on having AT LEAST 2. None of us looked too energetic afterwards.

We decided to go with 2 orders of Baby Back Ribs and 2 orders of the BBQ Beef Ribs- or what I call the dinosaur bones. Of course, Vivian and I have dreams about their super creamy super cheesy Mac N Cheese, so we ordered a family sized portion of that.

The Baby Back are Beverly’s preference cause she likes the meatiness. These are slowly cooked with sweet hickory smoke and then quick grilled to add a nice caramelization.

baby Back Ribs – $26.99 Full Rack/ $23.99 Half Rack

Charlotte likes to gnaw on the dinosaur bones. These are both big and meaty. These ribs are given a dry rub then slow smoked till the meat falls off the bones.

BBQ Beef Ribs (aka Dinosaur bones) – $25.99 Full Rack/ $22.99 Half Rack

They smother all their BBQ items with their secret BBQ sauce which is sweet, smokey, and tangy. There is also a variety of other BBQ sauces you can add to your meals right on the table if you’re feeling extra saucy. These are all specially blended and can be purchased to take home for your own bbQ’s.

Although I didn’t take a picture of their side dishes, they are all deadly tasty. The new one we tried this time was the Garlic Mash. The potato was creamy with a good strong garlic taste. They use real crushed garlic rather than garlic powder which makes a big difference because it is slightly sweet rather than just salty. If you are not a garlic fan, I would stay away from this one. One side dish that I have yet to try is their fresh Corn on the Cob, for some reason, they are always sold out of that! I guess it must be good!

Bottomless Sweet Tea – $2.99

To wash all this meaty goodness down, we grabbed some sweet tea. This is quite a southern thing. The tea is iced and sweetened but it’s not like our Canadian “iced tea” where it is lemony, this is just simply black tea infused with sugar. The little mint leaf added an extra layer of freshness to cut through the heavy foods that we’ve been eating.

I would not recommend this place for a first date because you will both be unattractively full and sauce faced. Lucilles is another friendly down to earth unpretentious cost conscious place in Vegas with awesomely tasty treats. So much melty goodness in one place is rare in Vancouver so we have to wait another 4 months to visit once again. Mmmm melty Mac N Cheese… I will see you in my dreams for now!

Last Visit: December 2011

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