Macaronathon Part 2 – Bouchon Bakery, Las Vegas

I have recently caught on to the macaron frenzie. As Theirry has just opened up and the macaron seems to be the topic of gastronomical conversation these days, I thought I would jump on this delectable bandwagon.

Originally, I thought there was no better time to start than my trip to Vegas. Little did I know, Brother Yu helped me kick start the affair by bringing home a box from La Maison du Chocolat!

Chef Keller is actually not a pâtissier but I simple adore his croissants and the not so little buttons always screamed out “I’m delicious!” so it was at the top of my list to try.

These macarons are by no means your basic standard little buttons. The macarons here at Bouchon Bakery is about 2-3inches in diameter! These can be purchased individually or in a sampler box. These are standard flavors of coffee, vanilla bean, pistachio, raspberry, and chocolate. The seasonal macaron was the eggnog.

Macarons – $16.00 box/ $3.50 per Macaron

The cookie itself was light and airy with a nice crispy outer shell. The inside, unlike La Maison du Chocolat, is filled with a thick traditional buttercream.

I simply could not taste the pistachio flavors from Bouchon’s macaron. The macaron was light and creamy and relatively sweet overall but it was really hoping for a strong floral and nutty pistachio burst of flavor.

I really liked the Vanilla Bean macaron. Again, this was a light cookie with a creamy filling. I didn’t feel that this was as sweet as the Pistachio and I really enjoyed the lightness overall of the vanilla bean cookie and filling.

Mommy Yu tested out the Raspberry macaron with me. It was a lightly flavored macaron and definitely not as bright or vibrant as La Maison du Chocolat’s Salvador. There was a light berry taste and you can tell that it is a raspberry macaron, it just wasn’t as fresh tasting as I thought it would be.

Other than the Vanilla Bean, I think my favorite would have to be the seasonal Eggnog macaron. It actually tastes exactly like a creamy cup of eggnog! It was sweet but there was a light taste of nutmeg to give it a little bite. It was really quite festive and reminds me of Christmas!

There really isn’t anything I haven’t said already to describe the coffee and chocolate macarons. These were both really good and were a nice complement to a dark cup of coffee or espresso.

It’s nice that it comes in a pretty little box but it’s not quite travel friendly. As the macarons are quite delicate in nature, it can easily by crushed or damaged – case in point, see the photos. Unless I am bringing this home as a gift, I would just get individual buttons next time.

I’m not sure if I should be disappointed or not that I’m not as ecstatic about these macarons as I thought I would be. These are tasty but not really something I would crave for. I mean, they were good but it wasn’t great, perhaps ones at free standing Bouchon Bakeries would be more yums? Oh wells, I’m still gaga for their croissants!

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