Macaronathon Part 4 – Macaron Cafe

And Brother Yu makes another trip to New York, this time as a packing coolie as he helps Amy with her move from school back home. And of course being the great brother that he is, he has been taking advantage of his new Iphone to take numerous photos of all the yummy foods that they ate for me. He’s so considerate that way…. *insertgrumblyfacewithangryfist*

Being in New York, he of course did bring back some goodies for me! More beautiful little buttons! Macaron Café seems like a super trendy innovative bakery. Not only do they have endless mountains of these colourful buttons, it also comes in a large variety of unique flavor blends such as tahini sesame, lychee rose, and violette flower. Since he couldn’t bring the store home for me, he brought back a select few.

Jasmine – This was a very fragrant and floral macaron. It had a smooth buttercream filling and was quite an airy cookie. There was a heavy taste of almond extract and that was a little too prominent tasting for me. It was very pretty though!

Crème Brulee – This was very sweet. Again, it was a very creamy filling and it actually tasted a little eggy like a real crème brulee. The cookie was nice and light, unfortunately because there were some delays in eating these buttons it started to get dry.

Lemon – I didn’t find this macaron to be very citrusy. It smelled more lemony than it actually tasted. It was quite heavy in almond extract and tasted more like almond tofu pudding than lemony. How unfortunate.

Honey Lavender – I always knew that I was not really a lavender person. I find the smell to be very strong and it reminds me of stuffy old ladies. This macaron confirmed that. Needless to say, I did not like this macaron. It was gorgeous because I love the colour, but it was very heavy in lavender extract and tasted very perfumey. They really need to lay off on the heavy pourage of extracts…..

Pistachio – There was no heavy taste of almond extract in this macaron. I really liked the pistachio here, there was a strong pistachio nuttiness to the taste and I liked how they rolled the macaron in crushed pistachios. The addition of the extra crunchiness was nice with the buttercream.

Matcha – I had high hopes for this one because I really like bitter and sweet together. This macaron had a strong matcha flavor and was quite nice against the sweet almond cookie. The buttercream was infused with the matcha tea so it was bright green and there wasn’t much almond extract flavor in this. It was another yummy one for me.

I don’t know if it was because there was a delay in eating these buttons, but it didn’t really wow me as I thought it would. I was actually really excited when Brother Yu sent me a picture of the macaron mountain here because the flavors were very different from all the traditional flavors, but the macarons tasted quite artificial on the most part. There was a lot of use of almond extract (I read in an interview that almond extract was one of pâtissière Cecile Cannone’s favorite ingredients…).

These macarons were actually quite plump with an airy cookie and a thick layer of buttercream. These were interesting to try but I wouldn’t go out of my way to pick these up. There is just too much artificialness here for me.  There are lots of mixed reviews online and many stating that they have had stale macarons. This is slightly disappointing since Macarons are supposed to be their specialty. Maybe I will try out one of their lunchbox combos next time if I happen to walk by the cafe, but it’s not going to be on my list of “must eat now” for New York. They were very pretty to look at and I just couldn’t get enough pictures of these beautiful colouful buttons.

Macaron Cafe on UrbanspoonMacaron Cafe on Urbanspoon


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