Macaronathon Part 6 – Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe

I’ve been trying to stay as far away from sweets as possible since the holidays- which started in December and ended in February. My teeth are cringing from just the thought of more sugary sweets. Not that I have a sweet tooth or anything… but being on the macaron bandwagon is sure putting my poor teeth to the test.

So Brother Yu goes on a business trip, and what does he do? Post photos of all sorts of muffin-topping goodness. Ugh Iphone, how I loathe you. Of course he does remember to bring back some goodies, this time in a crumpled up paper bag.

Moonstruck Chocolate Café is a small but yet large gourmet chocolate shop. Having only 6 physical chocolate cafes all located in Oregon, it does pretty well for itself having been selected by several celebs and notable functions (like the Oscars!) for their gifts of preference. Known for their decadent handcrafted treats, you can order online if you are a serious chocolate fiend.

It seems that the four buttons that Brother Yu brought home are their staple, I mean they are chocolatiers after all not patissiers.

The Pistachio – This was a very light and delicate button with a thick sticky butter cream in the middle. The shell was so delicate that it practically crumbled upon my first bite. I found the taste to be quite light and had a nice pistachio flavoring. It was slightly greasy (check out the bag!) but it wasn’t distracting enough.  So far, it is the best pistachio flavoring that I have had, but I haven’t had many.

The Salted Caramel – The salt was quite prominent in this macaron (largely due to the chunks of salt that is baked into the macaron shell). You can’t really see it but this macaron did not survive the 2hr flight from Portland back to Vancouver, it was completely crushed on the otherside,  I ate it anyways. I found the caramel center to be a little lacking but it was still smooth and creamy. I can’t really comment on the cookie itself.. but from what I tasted I am still head over heels in love with the one from Laduree.

The Coffee – There was a very strong coffee flavouring in this macaron. It was sweet and bitter with a chocolate ganache centre. Again, the filling was a little stingy here but there was a lot of flavor. The cookie was chewy and soft and the outer shell crumbled upon first bite. This was actually the smoothest shell out of the four from Moonstruck, the others (minus the Salted Caramel) have bubbles and cracks in it.

The Chocolate – I was really looking forward to this one. Since they are famed chocolatiers in North America I figured that they certainly can’t mess this one up. It was a very chocolatey and very decadent treat. The cookie was soft and chewy and held up against the bite, this is probably held up from the thick creamy dark chocolate ganache center. Though it was so rich, I didn’t find it to be overly sweet; they are so smart in using dark dark chocolate for this!

Seeing such a large assortment of goodies online, I can only imagine what the café must feel like. Definitely a place to stop by for an afternoon tea or drinking chocolate!

Moonstruck Chocolate Company on Urbanspoon


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