Macaronathon Part 7 – Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro

I remember when we first discovered the flaky goodness of Jean Philippe, Philip would constantly tell us to try and hit up Payard in Caesars Palace, he’s never tried it (cause he thinks Caesars Palace is a scam) but advised us that Jean Philippe actually worked for/with Mr Francois Payard back before the glitz of Las Vegas.

We never really gave Payard too much thought because the only places we ever visited in Caesars Palace was the Forum Shoppes and the Baccarat Lounge for cocktails, never in those instances have we seen or noticed Payard, that is until Philip took us on a short tour one day.

Chocolate Praline Eggs compliments of Chef Payard

Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro is hidden off the far end of the casino in a quiet forum, we would have never ventured over to this area had Philip not brought us there one day. The shop is filled with rows of confections, cookbooks, and take home treats. Not only is this a chocolate shop, it is also a bistro with a dining area with savory snacks. We’ve only been here 3 times and never really noticed the restaurant portion because we are usually huddling around the chocolate clock.

Time and precision are the basic fundamentals in pastry and chocolate making; this clock sits in the middle of the shop and drops 3 decadent truffles every 15 minutes for visitors to enjoy. It’s quite fun to watch fully grown adults knock over little kiddies to claim their treats when the clock bell rings.

Is that a Hungry Asian waiting for her truffle?

Oh little buttons, how beautiful are you with your vibrant colours and carefully placed towers. Although the macaron bandwagon is slowly phasing out I just simply could not resist. These buttons are simply packaged in a plastic Payard baggy and is definitely less pretentious than the gift boxed Jean Philippe ones. There are a few staple flavors here, the pistachio, blueberry, raspberry, chocolate, and the vanilla.

Package of 6 - $10

There was an unfortunate incident last December so I had a makeshift macaron travel storage box ready…. call me weird but it did the job 😛 

The pistachio here was great in flavor, it had a nice nuttiness and did not taste artificial at all. The filling was creamy and light. I think this may be my favorite pistachio macaron.

The blueberry had a nice jam filling. It was very good in flavor and was not overly sweet. The blueberry filling went really well with the light almondy cookie. Again, I couldn’t taste any artificial flavoring in this button. It would go really well with a nice cup of clean tea. Based on the colour, I was actually thinking it was a cassis macaron, but blueberry is just as good.

The raspberry button was actually quite sweet. It was filled with a jammy spread that could have been more tart. Not one of my favorites.

The chocolate button I had passed on to Beverly as she is the chocolate fiend of the bunch. It had a creamy ganachy filling. I would imagine it to be super tasty since even Payard’s complimentary truffles and treats are smooth and decadent.

The vanilla was light and sweet. It actually wasn’t very memorable which is unfortunate because the vanilla bean speckled cookie showed so much promise.

The caramel macaron does not seem to be a constant flavor of the bunch, this is probably their seasonal/daily macaron. Based on the light colour of the shell, I had thought that this was a coffee macaron. It wasn’t very sweet and had a light layer of caramel filling, I wished it was filled with salted butter caramel, that would have been so tasty… .

Though this post is named as part of the macaronathon, I do have to mention that their croissants are now top rated above Jean Philippe and Bouchon. Jean Philippe’s has now become too “oversized” for Charlotte, and Bouchon has not prepared any raspberry croissants for me these last few visits.

Payard’s macarons are soft and chewy with a crispy clean shell. I’m sure it was quite fresh because they were still the right chewiness after a few days.

There was a certain taste of sincerity in these macarons and no signs of mass production – definitely worth a return visit, if only their staff were as hospitable as their products.

Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro (Caesar's Palace) on Urbanspoon


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