“Died and Gone to Heaven” – Restaurant Guy Savoy, Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

To celebrate Charlotte’s “I’m no longer in my twenties” day, Beverly and I had managed to literally kidnap her. Flights, hotel, and restaurants were all booked and confirmed before we actually told her. Chado had to take out the garbage that weekend and was not invited this time around- though thinking back,  I’m not sure how much Chado would have enjoyed the main dishes anyways since they are all “saucey”. Of course for such an occasion I was on a mission to search for a restaurant that topped our previous affair at L’Atelier. We did not like her enough to spend $400+ per person at Joel Robuchon, instead we settled for a modest meal in Caesars Palace’s Restaurant Guy Savoy.

Mr Savoy (as his people kept on calling him) has imported his 3 Michelin stars in Paris and created the “twin” restaurant with his son in early 2006 in Las Vegas. Everything from the architecture, kitchen, and service staff have been transported from the original Restaurant Guy Savoy and replicated in the Las Vegas restaurant. Though Restaurant Guy Savoy Las Vegas has not yet earned its 3 stars, you can still expect the same level of service and taste as the staff have all been trained at the “Savoy School”.

Restaurant Guy Savoy is hidden on the 2nd level of the Augustus Tower in Caesars Palace in a quiet hallway. The doors were closed and did not seem inviting at all. Nevertheless we Asians were hungry and braced ourselves as we swung open the large wooden doors.

The interior of the restaurant was quite bare with high ceilings and random pieces of artwork. We were immediately led through a quiet dining room to our table where we were each brought a stool for our purses. WTH? We did a double take as our hostess pulled out 3 little stools and placed them next to our seats. It felt a little weird putting a $20 H&M sale item on this fancy stool…

The décor was very minimalist and though the restaurant was quite small, it gave a very airy and open space kind of feel. It was a very quiet restaurant though there were lots of people in there. Mid way through the meal I realized that there were glass walls separating the dining room in to different sections, the glass walls maintained the airy open feel while providing a type of secluded privacy at the same time as it prevented the sounds from traveling from section to section.

We also loved the novelty crystal tear drops which turned out to be condiment holders and candles for the table.

Now on to the food….

Officially, we had a 3 course meal… but little wondrous surprises kept on popping up and bringing more silverware to the table…

The first of the three amuse bouche to come was the foie gras club sandwich (I just made up that name). The creamy little pieces of foie gras melted with the tiny toast points. It was simply seasoned with salt and cracked black pepper and was just the thing to start off this gastronomic adventure.

The second amuse bouche we had was a parmasen waffle. Again, lightly seasoned with salt and cracked black pepper. This one was still tasty but not nearly as “wow” worthy as the first for my tastebuds. It might also have been because we let this one sit for awhile as we were chatting away. The waffle was cold by the time we remembered it being there… our apologies Mr Savoy. 

The third was our soup surprise. Coming in a small shooter glass type dish that looked like a messed up salt and pepper shaker was a light and creamy cold carrot soup. It was nice and refreshing to cool down a warm spring day in Vegas. We were told that we would “get a pleasant surprise” once we finished our soup “and no it is not a diamond ring”. I found this part to be quite hilarious considering that one of us WAS getting ringed by the end of this trip! Woohoo! More foie gras! Charlotte and I both enjoyed this little treat but I think Beverly would have just skipped the soup and went for the foie gras.

I always say that it is the little things that make all the difference in a dining experience.  Here we were chatting away on our list of shopping items when out of nowhere Charlotte’s eyes glaze over and gasps letting out an nearly inaudible “ohmygod, did I just die and go to heaven?”.

Beverly and I thought she had completely lost her mind until we see the bread cart pulling up next to us. Over 20 different types of bread to choose from in addition to the rustic rosemary crusty bread on our table, Charlotte was like that kid in the candy store. Chestnut, olive, lemon, parmesan, bacon, “anything you want” and “don’t worry, I will be back” was all Charlotte heard from our bread cart guy. Next time I will know to ask for a bread pairing with my dishes rather than attempt to try them all… ugh we were starting to get full…

We actually had some debate over our dining choices, and in the end we each ordered something different so we can try out more stuff.

Foie Gras “Bitter Infusion” – $68.00

Beverly started with the Foie Gras “Bitter Infusion”. This was actually a very interactive item. A teapot was brought out while we enjoyed our amuse bouche and inside was a concoction of green tea leaves, clear broth, kumquat, and popped rice. This was to steep until a healthy piece of perfectly seared foie gras was brought in front of Beverly. You are supposed to eat the foie gras and then drink the tea after. The light sweet, salty, bitterness from the tea really helped break down the richness of the creamy foie gras. You do have to put in extra effort to enjoy this dish because you have to eat the foie gras and then sip the tea to get that full experience. But if you are lazy, it is just as good to eat the entire piece of fois gras first and drink the tea afterwards… you might pass out from a foie gras coma though….

Mosaic of Milk Fed Poularde, Foie Gras and Artichoke, Black Truffle Jus – $65.00

Charlotte had the Mosaic of Milk Fed Poularde, Foie Gras and Artichoke, Black Truffle Jus. She just can’t say no to a terrine. The plate itself looked like art with the different colours and textures. The toast points that came with this dish were perfectly crispy to complement the firm terrine.  She will go back just for the bread cart and a few plates of this terrine I think.

Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup, Toasted Mushroom Brioche,
and Black Truffle Butter – $68

I have been in complete truffle mode lately so I didn’t need to think twice to order the Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup, with Toasted Mushroom Brioche, and Black Truffle Butter. This is THE dish to savor at Mr Savoy’s restaurant. As soon as the dish was placed in front of me, I was swept away by the aromas of parmesan and truffles. I was actually planning on eating the brioche separately so that I didn’t get crumbs all over the table but my server noticed I had not touched it and insisted that I dip it in the soup.  The soup was creamy and thick but not overly rich. It was great on its own but even better with the brioche. It took a lot of self control to not lick the bowl of soup.. though I did use the brioche to mop up the sides….

Black Cod Slow Cooked, Asparagus, Caviar, Lemon Sabayon – $85

Beverly had the Black Cod Slow Cooked, Asparagus, Caviar, Lemon Sabayon. This was all about the presentation. After all these unexpected courses, we were borderline full, so this dish was a rather large portion for Beverly. The vegetables were so perfectly cooked and positioned that she didn’t want to eat them because they were so pretty. The fish was done perfectly with each morsel moist and melty. She was not a fan of the white asparagus though, but I think that had more to do with the asparagus itself rather than the way it was prepared.

Crispy Sea Bass with Delicate Spices – $95

Charlotte’s Crispy Sea Bass with Delicate Spices was another of Mr Savoy’s signature dishes. Cooked skin side down, the scales were crispy and freaked Charlotte out. The delicate spices consisted of a mixture of peppercorn, fennel seeds, Szechuan peppercorns (or “asian spices” as our server called it), Swiss chard, and many more which I cannot remember. Another interactive dish, the vanilla broth is poured at the table to ensure that the crispy scales of the fish do not get soggy. Despite all those flavors, Charlotte felt that some more salt was needed. She would have preferred it if the extra spices on the side of the dish were actually put directly onto the fish itself…

Roasted Duck with Guy Savoy Spices – $80

I had the Roasted Duck with Guy Savoy Spices. Oh sweet sweet pieces of this tender bird. The duck had a nice crispy seared skin, the meat was tender and flavorful, and the veggies that came with this dish were stuffed with foie gras! How can you NOT drool over this dish? If only all my vegetables came like this, I would be eating them by the crate.

Midway through my duck, our server brought out a little jar of the dark meat (I thought the entire duck was dark meat?). These pieces came from some part of the duck (innards?) unknown to me but I ate them anyways because I simply could not resist the sweet caramelized pieces peering out at me.

Before the arrival of our desserts, we were given a palate cleanser of pear and raspberry icy goodness. The official name for this? Pear granita with fresh raspberries I think? It was light and refreshing and cleared all the richness which had filled up my body within the past two hours in this restaurant. It was actually quite neat because the red colouring in the granita threw off our senses and Beverly and I didn’t even realize the pear flavor was from the granita until Charlotte pointed it out.. or we were just so full that we were blocking everything out…

Coconut 6 Ways – $25

We were so stuffed by the time dessert rolled around but we couldn’t leave without trying something, so we decided to split two desserts between the 3 of us. Coconut 6 ways was actually prepared 5 ways because one of the ways contained nuts. I really thought that we would get this in 5 different little pieces but it came in a small little fish bowl. Our server explained that Mr Savoy is all about piecing together different textures to excite your senses. All the elements worked well together but I found it weird on its own. The five ways it was prepared: juice, fresh slivers, toasted chips, coconut sorbet, and granita. The layers build up in the bubble and you really have to scoop deep to get the full experience for this dessert. There was also little tapioca pearls floating at the bottom which reminded me of bbT… gosh I’m so Chinese…

Chocolate and Jasmine – $25

The Chocolate and Jasmine was smooth and decadent. But I don’t remember tasting much jasmine though we could definitely smell it because our server spritzed our table with some jasmine essence before placing the plate down. The chocolate was rich and the mousse was smooth. This one I would say is screaming Beverly’s name as she is the chocolate fiend of the bunch.

Just as our dessert plates were cleared, out came a small little silver spoon. Um… I thought we were finished?

A small scoop of Earl Grey sorbet appeared before our blurry eyes. “A palate cleanser” says our server. “I don’t want to play anymore!” says Beverly. We were so full but Beverly could not resist the temptation of Earl Grey and Charlotte and I could not disappoint our stomachs. It was very refreshing and actually did help in easing that heavy feeling that was developing from my stomach to my heart.

And then another set of plates and silverware appeared at our table…

“Alain did not want you to leave without tasting this, an orange smoothie, you just drink it like a shooter” says our server alongside the dessert cart he wheeled in. Seriously, when is this game going to be over… “this isn’t fun anymore” I half jokingly commented. Our server laughs as we tip the smoothie into our mouths. I know we were all gawking at the dessert cart during dinner but we were just trying to figure out what was on this darn cart. Apparently a selection of daily hand crafted goodies from crème caramel to sorbets, to cookies, and marshmallows. We were so full but apparently, “Alain insists” and so we went for it despite the protests from our tummies.

Beverly’s selection: coconut marshmallow, pineapple passionfruit mousse, and some sort of chocolate nut cookie thing. She really was very full and only wanted a bite of the marshmallow and pineapple thing, but our server did not take any of that so he took it upon himself and added the chocolate thing to her plate (I guess he noticed her finish off the Chocolate and Jasmine).

Charlotte’s selection: apricot stuffed grape, handmade jelly, and crème caramel (or did she have a crème brulee?).  She actually only wanted a grape, but after our server commented “A grape? You can choose anything on this cart, as many as you want, and you just want a grape?” she was pressured into making more selections. The grape is amazing apparently. Maybe next time, she can ask for a few grapes…

My selections:  cheesecake, chocolate dipped Clementine, lychee flavored marshmallow. The Clementine was so cute and precious! The marshmallow was light but did not have much lychee flavor. I’m not really a fan of marshmallows but it sounded interesting so I gave it a go. The cheesecake was not super creamy or cheesy but it was ok. The dessert cart is a good option for those who want a little taste of everything but not after 3.5 hours of non stop eating…

My mess

All gone!

This was by far the best dining experience I have had. What really stood out here is the quiet attentiveness from the service staff. They always seem to appear out of nowhere and note what is happening at your table without you knowing that they are watching. For instance, I got up to take a look at the bible they call their wine list with Charlotte for a minute and when I came back to my seat, my napkin was already neatly folded back on the table. When did our server even come?? I accidentally made a mess at the table and immediately a busser came by with an extra napkin to hide the spot. There was no judgment and we just all joked and laughed about how I am the troublemaker. Without asking, Alain had sent the dessert cart over to our table knowing that we were curious what deliciousness it held.

In all honesty, the food was more memorable for me at at L’atelier but both restaurants have a completely different ambiance.  This is definitely one pretentious spot but I kinda liked it like that. Despite the snootiness, we never felt uncomfortable but rather very well taken care of. The staff are friendly and professional, and most importantly, they made us feel special. Everything in this restaurant is immaculate and the fact that there are carts and connoisseurs for bubbles (which rolled in when we were still in shock from the stools and had to politely decline), bread, cheeses, aged liquor, and desserts is enough to bring me back to spend another 4 hours eating myself into a happy oblivion.

On a side note, I read somewhere that you can actually create your own tasting menu by asking for smaller portions of each dish. We will definitely be more prepared next time since we know what to expect.


Last Visit: April 2012

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