Macaronathon Part 8- Bouchon Bakery, New York City

Brother Yu has returned once more with boxes of goodies for Vee. This he tells me will be the 2nd to last batch of the beautiful little buttons for my indulgences 😦

This time he has brought back a cute little Bouchon box. I must say that I have almost given up on Bouchon because they have disappointed me a number of times already but Brother Yu has brought my spirits up and Bouchon is back on my radar.

The Bouchon Bakery buttons were noticibly larger than the cute little Laduree buttons. This time I had a ruler so I measured exactly how big they were….

The shells were clean and smooth with no cracks or bubbles but the macaron itself was quite hefty. There is a thick butter cream sandwiched between the two cookies  and had a very smooth finish when you bite in to it. The macarons were nice and chewy and actually quite light when you bite in to it.

The two flavors that Brother Yu picked up were the Pistachio and the Coffee. This Pistachio had a much better flavor than the ones we tried in the Vegas Bouchon Bakery and it was more obvious in flavor that it was a pistachio macaron but it was still not very pistachio-y. I had given Mommy Yu a Laduree Pistachio and a Bouchon Pistachio to try and she definitely prefers the flavor and nuttiness that Laduree’s had to offer.

The Coffee macaron was almost like eating a Sees coffee candy. The creamy texture and the rich coffee flavor went really well together. The macaron was moist and chewy and I loved the coffee buttercream.  It was a very tasty macaron and I am hoping that the Vegas Bouchon Bakery will be able to give me this tasty treat when I go back to visit next month.

The flavors in these two macarons were much much better than the ones we had in Vegas. The macarons itself were fresh and moist and still offered a nice crispy exterior and soft chewy interior. The thick buttercream had the perfect amount of sweetness and the cookies offered a very nice floral almondy scent. Both Bouchon Bakery’s gave me the “not mass produced” taste but flavorwise I prefer the Bouchon Bakery in New York. Perhaps I should try the individual macarons at the Vegas bakery rather than buying the box set like I did during Christmas..

Oh, I also got myself a Raspberry Almond Croissant! Yippee!

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3 responses to “Macaronathon Part 8- Bouchon Bakery, New York City

  • Zeny Chang

    Last Saturday , Dec 1st 2012 was my first trip to the Bouchon at Time Warner in NYC. I have loved macarons since I’ve had a bite of it as well as finishing a box of 6 from Payard,NYC ( they were exquisite!) my daughter brought home for me. I loved the salted caramel one!

    So at Bouchon Bakery, I bought 6 mini Macarons ( one of each) which were packed in a cute brown box and a Linzer tart in a separate paper bag.

    When we got home, I eagerly opened the box for my first bite! I picked the Pistachio (green) one first and I was so dissapointed because the entire shell on one side was missing and when I checked the other 5 the Vanilla (white) one the entire edge of it was scuffed! NO CRUMBS IN THE BOX!

    Also they were not uniform in size sizes so you know they are not massed produced. I agree with your description of how they are, flavorful and chewy!

    I don’t know what to say except in the grand scheme of things this incident is nothing! But I thought I’d share my experience with some one who cares about macarons!

    BTW we also had brunch at the Smith and saw a matinee of The Heiress with Jessica Chastain and Dan Stevens ( Downton Abbey) which was a treat from daughter.

  • Vee

    I’m so sorry to hear that you found an unpleasant surprise of missing and scuffed shells! I have noticed a difference in the quality of the macaron when purchased individually and in the prepackaged boxed sets. Though made in-house, I am sure that the boxed sets are not as fresh as the individual ones because I have found on several occasions that the box set macarons are usually quite dry and the shells are easily broken.

    If you get a chance, I highly recommend tea time at Laduree on Madison Avenue. These macarons are slightly smaller than the Bouchon ones but there is a nice variety of flavors to choose from and have always been a treat for me. Not once have I been disappointed 🙂

    Happy tasting!

    • Azucena Chang

      No the Bouchon Macarons were hand packed. We’re obviously mishandled! And the Payard were pre packaged! I had some from the Laduree on Madison ave! I am done with Macarons . I know they must be hard to make. But I think they are over rated. Sorry.

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